Victorian Royal Commission into Mental Health

As one of their election commitments, the Andrews Government pledged to hold a Royal Commission into the Victorian Mental Health System. This is an incredible opportunity for those with a lived experience, often left out of the policymaking process, to shape the system and services they receive.

Obviously, I jumped at the chance to share my views and recently provided a submission to the Commission.

It turns out I could have written about this stuff for months! And in the end I had to be a bit brutal with myself about what to include. The submission is informed heavily by own experiences, but also those of other consumers and their carers who I have encountered in my personal and professional lives.

The views in this submission are my own and do not reflect those of any organisation I am currently affiliated with, or have been in the past.

To access my submission, click on this link:

Joanna Farmer – Royal Commission 2019

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